Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Legal!

so not much has been going on with me lately.....oh besides the fact that I turned 21 two weeks ago! Needless to say I had an amazing birthday. I had tacos and margaritas at my apartment and then hit up the bars after that to get my free shots. I think (I say that because I was heavily intoxicated) I made it to about 14 shots AND I was still standing. Of course I did puke in the alley behind one of the bars at the end of the night.

It is such a different feeling being able to drink and buy alcohol legally. However I was a little upset when I got my first drink on my bday before dinner the bartender didn't even ask for my ID. The same thing happened when I went to dinner a few days later, the server didn't ask for my ID. So whats the point of even having a 21st when I could of been doing this all along. But if anyone wants to go out for a drink, call me.

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