Sunday, April 27, 2008

start of summer?

So today was just amazing! It got up to almost 70 degrees and the sun was shining. BEAUTIFUL! What made it even better was my roomies and I had a little BBQ. We marinated some steaks, had some baked beans and potato salad. This is one of my favorite parts of summer. I love just hanging out with friends and having a bbq. Hopefully there will be a lot more where this came from.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rip off!

So I finally got fed up and took my car in to the shop this week and I got it back the other day. So I am extremely happy that I have my car back and I don't have to ride the bus with all the creepy people anymore. BUT... can you guess what I am going to say?! The bill was rediculous! So they had to change my fan or something like that which was a $26 part. The labor on the other hand was $105!!!!! I just can't even believe that. Yeah I know that mechanics are good at their job and they know what they are doing and they can actually fix my car. but I mean, come on, are you serious?!