Monday, July 14, 2008

some random things I love right now

So I just thought I would let you all know some things that really hit me this past week or so.
1. My roommate went home for the summer and she left her DVDs here. so one weekend I was really bored and started watching her One Tree Hill DVDs. And now I am obsessed! I can almost watch an entire season in one day. She took some of the disks home with her so I found it on the Internet but it has Japanese subtitles. but hey it free! Lets just say I'm addicted.
2. Clean Sheets. I know I'm weird but just the feeling and the smell of freshly changed sheets is amazing.
3. When Old people get together and talk. I was listening to these two couples talk on Saturday and I was just amazed by their experiences and their knowledge. Plus the men were just a kick. They were the funniest old men I have ever met. Just the stories they tell are hilarious. Also they were talking about what they are going to do for their 5oth wedding anniversary! can you believe how amazing that is? To love someone that much to be with them for 50 years. I hope one day I can find love like that.
4. The new Clintons CD. It is incredible. Its not as crazy or random as their last few albums. They have a few more "serious" songs on there. but of course they are still what everyone expects them to be hilarious. I love the calm but rockin' sound.

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